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OceanSaver Refill Pods (x8)

THE PLASTIC PROBLEM. We have all seen it on the news and on TV and we all know about the plastic problem we face. OceanSaver are tackling the UK’s overuse of single use plastic by launching a range of Cleaning products for home, which eradicate the need to repurchase single-use plastic within the household.
OCEANSAVER PODS are a brand-new range of concentrated, water-soluble pods that transform into liquid cleaner – to keep your plastic bottles under the sink, not under the sea.
REUSE YOUR PLASTIC. When it’s time to replace your bottles of household cleaner, don’t just bin them. Reuse them with the help of the new refill pods from OceanSaver. Just drop one in and add water. Did you know water makes up 90% of the cleaning fluids you currently buy?


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