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Biodegradable Disposable PLA Cups (x50)

♥ ORGANIC – our cups are made of PLA – a compostable and biodegradable material produced from corn starch. They will quickly degrade in a controlled composting environment! You can easily dispose of them together with compostable waste.
♥ DESIGN – the eco design will be a great tool in our fight against conventional plastics! Spread the word around your friends and family about the great alternatives to plastic based products and show them that you care about the environment.
♥ CARDBOARD BOX – we are the only PLA cups on the market packed in a cardboard box! We made sure to take a step further in order to create a 100% sustainable and reusable product, coherent with its premise. We also wanted to make it look really good on your shelves and tables 🙂


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