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Bamboo Toothbrushes (x5)

🌎 DURABLE BPA FREE MEDIUM BRISTLES: Feel great by doing good for planet earth and get this environmentally friendly non plastic toothbrush kit. FAT PANDA brings vibrant wood toothbrushes made of a natural bamboo wood handle which is 100% biodegradable. Our vegan toothbrushes bristles are designed solely to soothe your mouth while gently brushing and you can easily take control with the strong grip that allows you to wash every area of your mouth comfortably.
🌎 GET MORE FOR LESS WITH THE VIBRANT 5-PACK DESIGN: Specially made with carbonized bamboo to be free of splinters, each biodegradable toothbrush is refined with a unique beautiful color, so family members can easily identify their own wooden toothbrush. The epic Fat Panda bamboo toothbrush pack features varieties of colors on the bristles and handles ranging from: blue, yellow, mint, white, and purple that will light up your mood and give you an exciting choice to choose from.
πŸ’š ALL-NATURAL TOOTHBRUSHES: This baby is absolutely graced with the heart of mother nature, made from a biodegradable top grade bamboo that doesn’t litter the earth after being disposed. It hasn’t come in contact with any toxic substance when being manufactured, we made sure its as healthy as possible for you. Use them as your travel bamboo toothbrush, since the small and lightweight bamboo bristle toothbrushes are convenient to bring with you as travel companions.


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