We can help your residents change behaviour

Behaviour change isn’t achieved through a one-off action or campaign. Working with local authorities, we change resident behaviour through a gradual and sustained process, helping to engrain the adoption of new habits bringing with it tangible results.

We deliver cost-effective communications to motivate your residents to waste less & recycle right.

How we do it...


We provide the ability to email your residents and stay connected on a weekly basis. Through these communications we motivate participation through nudging and providing the do’s & don’ts of how to waste less and recycle right.

2-way dialogue

Create a 2 way dialogue with your residents, re-enforcing your communication priorities and gathering valuable insights along the way.

Invest to save money

Over time our approach reduces the need for offline channels such as leaflets, stickers and events, saving money.

Reducing waste costs & meeting targets

Our behavioural change campaigns have delivered residual waste reductions of 11% and recycling tonnage increases up to 25% with annual savings in excess of £380,000.

Our impact

million emails sent per year
actions taken by Greenredeem members
£ 0
donated to local and national charities

Arrange a quick call

We have a flexible approach to working with local authorities; one which compliments existing and traditional communication activities.

Book a quick call with one of our team and we’d be happy to discuss how we can make an impact on your sustainability targets. Alternatively you can reach us by email.